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Day 1

October 17, 2017

  • 9:00 am
    EXPERT INSIGHT: Management, Monetization and Trust
    Craig Bachmann,
    Senior Director, IoE Program, TM Forum
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    • Assessing the promise and opportunities laid out by the IoE and where the market is today
    • Analyzing the key capabilities required to succeed in the IoE economy
    • TM Forum’s IoE Roadmap of Challenges – where we stand, what we’re up to, and how to get involved
    • The results – new B2B2X guidebooks, API strategies, and new IoE platform approaches
    • Identifying new tools for managing IoE ecosystems and partners
  • 9:25 am
    INDUSTRY INSIGHT: Designing Sustainable Business and Monetization Models for IoE
    Pawan Dubey,
    Senior Consultant, Infosys
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    • Evolution vs. revolution - Can existing business models be used in the IoE context?
    • Identifying Distinctive Customer Value across the Ecosystem
    • Moving beyond connectivity to fully capitalize on the advent of IoE
    • Designing new and sustainable business models for the IoE
    • How can the right partnerships catalyze IoE Business Growth and turn into real monetization opportunities?
  • 9:50 am
    PANEL: Enabling and Driving Innovation through High-Value Collaboration and Partnerships
    Pilgrim Beart,
    Founder and CEO, DevicePilot
    Erik Meijer,
    Strategy GPM / Group Innovation, Deutsche Telekom
    Kees van der Klauw,
    Chairman of the Innovation Ecosystems Working Group, Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI),
    SVP, Philips Lighting Research
    • Can anyone go it alone in IoT? Engaging, aligning, and orchestrating all stakeholders
    • Why is open collaboration essential to IoE development, and what are the main challenges?
    • How can the right partnerships push IoE beyond cost savings, to generate real value and monetization?
    • Considering when to partner with start-ups and innovators, and when to invest/acquire
    • Examining the vital role of platforms and open APIs in driving and enabling collaboration and innovation
  • 10:30 am
  • 11:00 am
    INDUSTRY INSIGHT: Finding your Footing in the Broader Digital Ecosystem – Curate FX
    Kevin McCaffrey,
    Founder and CEO, Tr3dent
    • Introduction to TM Forum’s ecosystem mapping/business scenario tool
    • Transforming existing business models, re-defining relationships and generating revenue
    • How to leverage existing tools available to ease integration in the broader digital ecosystem
    • Facilitating collaboration and offering integrated products and services
    • Overcoming the technical challenges to collaboration and integration of products and services
    • Guaranteeing successful, speedy partner on-boarding and continued synergies in a fast-paced environment
    • Developing and evolving repeatable and consistent processes and approaches to partnering
  • 11:20 am
    ROUNDTABLE EXERCISE: Digital Ecosystem Enablement and Management
    Angus Ward,
    Partner & CEO Digital Ecosystem Management (DEM), BearingPoint Technologies
    Andrew Thomson,
    SVP Infonova Digital Enablement, BearingPoint Technologies,
    Distinguished Fellow & Member of Collaboration Committee, TM Forum

    Delegates will be seated at round tables and will discuss various points inspired by the topic of digital ecosystem enablement and management. Each table will discuss the same points, but outcomes will vary depending on the mix of individuals' experience and insight. Each table will select a spokesperson to provide the feedback to the broader group and conclusions will be collated. This is a highly interactive session where all thoughts and ideas are valuable to create synergy so get those thinking caps on and don't be shy!

    Session led by: Angus Ward, Partner & CEO Digital Ecosystem Management (DEM), BearingPoint

  • 12:30 pm
  • 1:30 pm
    CASE STUDY: Uncovering Cross-Industry Learnings to Capitalize on IoE and Digital Innovation
    Gorka Atienza Urcelay,
    Key Account Manager Digital Transformation & New Technologies, BEEVA
    Fernando Cerezal López,
    Innovation Engineer, BEEVA
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    • Introduction to BEEVA, how we work, and why we look beyond our parent company’s sector of banking & finance
    • Examples of exploration an innovation at BEEVA which has resulted in value for BBVA Group
    • Before speculating on future IoE revenue how can we monetise IoE today? Looking at monetization opportunities at the various levels of IoE
    • The challenge of operationalizing pilot projects, turning them into effective new revenue sources
  • 1:50 pm
    INDUSTRY INSIGHT: Moving beyond Connectivity to fully Capitalize on the Advent of IoE
    James Stevenson,
    Senior Consultant, A.T. Kearney
    Peter McGrath,
    International Development, Virtual Clinic Direct
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    • How are enterprises monetizing IoE and what can operators learn to get their share of the IoE pie?
    • Moving beyond cost savings to draw value and revenue from sensor data
    • Avoiding the “dumb pipe” trap and transforming assets to generate new revenue
    • How to successfully implement a platform-based business model in a legacy organization
    • Capitalizing on data generated from the network, applications and devices
    • Drawing value from data - collecting, correlating, aggregating, contextualizing and opening it up to third-parties
    • Increasing value through optimizing business processes and differentiating offerings
  • 2:10 pm
    CASE STUDY AND INDUSTRY INSIGHT: From Pipe to Platform – Business Strategy or Market Requisite?
    David Vasquez,
    Director of International IoT Business Development, Verizon International
    Bob van Luijt,
    Founder, Kubrickology
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    • Considering market evolution, what are the stakes in transforming the CSP’s business strategy?
    • Capitalizing on existing and emerging physical and digital infrastructure for enhanced revenue opportunities
    • The puzzle to effectively monetizing the platform and the data generated
    • Open APIs – the key to enabling simple onboarding of partners
    • Building a platform to cater to all stakeholders and users: customers, suppliers, partners, developers
  • 2:35 pm
    CASE STUDY: Smart Cities – as a Platform, the Ultimate Ecosystem of Ecosystems
    Thomas Kruse,
    Senior Policy Maker on Digital Society, City of Utrecht
    Download presentation
    • Effective models, platforms and policies to drive value for all stakeholders involved in delivering the smart city
    • The importance of and open platform and open APIs in enabling an ecosystem of ecosystems
    • Creating a European smart city platform with the Cities of Nice and Gothenburg
  • 3:00 pm
  • 3:30 pm
    EXPERT INSIGHT: Implementing open APIs to enhance monetization
    Joann O’Brien,
    VP, APIs & Ecosystems, TM Forum
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    • A look at the API & Platform economy
    • Considering the need for consistency across APIs to enable an open digital ecosystem
    • Presenting TM Forum’s suite of open APIs:
      • How to monetize APIs
      • How to use APIs to monetize IoE and digital services
  • 3:50 pm
    CASE STUDY: Monetizing IoE Services Through Partnerships with Solid BSS
    Shahar Yaacobi,
    Head of IoT Go-to-Market, Amdocs
    Michel Guiragossian,
    On Demand Connectivity, Gemalto
    Download presentation
    • The untapped revenue opportunity in consumer IoE services
    • How to create (and implement) a win-win strategy for all partners across the value chain, including OEMs and operators.
    • IoE partnering success story – seamless digital eSIM experience
    • Smart subscription management- approach and values
  • 4:10 pm
    PANEL: Making Sense of the IoE Connectivity Spaghetti – LPWAN & 5G
    Nigel Chadwick,
    CEO & Founder, Stream Technologies
    Pierpaolo Marchese,
    Standard Coordination and Industry Influencing, TIM
    Kim Bybjerg,
    Executive Director, IoT, Teleena
    Rafael Cepeda,
    Head of Smart City & Innovation, InterDigital
    • A quick roundup of LPWAN and other connectivity solutions currently available
    • Will differing technologies and standards be a barrier to IoE growth, and how can these be harmonized or overcome?
    • What is missing in order to deliver the promise of speed, infinitely low latency and ultra-amplified scalability of 5G?
    • The role of 5G in making the “2020 - 30 billion connected devices” prediction possible
    • Exploring different IoE connectivity strategies and objectives and devising the right connectivity for different users and services
  • 4:50 pm
    CASE STUDY & EXPERT INSIGHT: Managing and Sustaining the IoE – From Ecosystem to Enabling Technology
    Anuj Jain,
    Global Head of Solutions, Connected Devices, Bosch
    • No one can do it alone – Ecosystems as the foundation of scaling IoT
    • The Vision of Ecosystems, potential and barriers to IoT
    • The role of edge intelligence in the connecting THINGS
    • From edge to cloud – how partnerships enable end-to-end solutions
  • 5:10 pm
    CASE STUDY & EXPERT INSIGHT: Leveraging Edge Computing to Deliver on the Promise of IoE
    Nigel Pugh,
    CEO, IMONT Technologies Ltd.
    Download presentation
    • Managing data flows and network capacity with edge computing
    • What are the main challenges of implementing and managing edge computing in the IoE context?
    • What services cannot be sent to the edge and how to prioritize and manage different services and their intrinsic requirements?
    • The connection and balance between cloud and edge computing to create a reliable IoE environment
    • Satisfying the demand for ultra-low latency, high bandwidth, reliability AND cost-efficiency through edge computing
    • What about privacy and security in edge computing?
  • 5:30 pm

Day 2

October 18, 2017

  • 9:00 am
    PANEL: Examining the Platform Business Opportunity and How to Grasp it
    Rob van den Dam,
    Global Telecommunications Industry Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value
    Jürgen Hase,
    CEO, Unlimit - Powered by Reliance
    Nigel Chadwick,
    CEO & Founder, Stream Technologies
    • What is required technically of a high-performing IoE platform of the future?
    • How to create, manage, maintain and evolve the platform to cater to changing needs and deliver the right capabilities
    • The role of APIs in this, and the need standardisation
    • Establishing where the value lies, what are potential commercial differentiators, and setting up appropriate pricing models
    • What do emerging IoE service providers need and want; what can current platform providers offer and what more is needed?
  • 9:40 am
    CASE STUDY: Supporting IoE Scaling through Robust Extensible Platforms
    Patrice Slupowski,
    VP Digital Innovation, Orange
    Download presentation
    • The role of the platform in enabling and driving IoE scaling and how to identify the right platform business model
    • Facilitating interactions and creating value through simplicity, elasticity and reliability
    • Building authentication capabilities, security and data integrity assurance to create a trustworthy platform and foster growth
    • Strategies to attract content and service producers to effectively co-create value for all stakeholders
    • The importance of continuous innovation and close curation to sustain quality interactions over the platform and support growth
  • 10:05 am
    EXPERT INSIGHT: Creating and Capturing IoT Value
    Pilgrim Beart,
    Founder and CEO, DevicePilot
    Download presentation
    • IoT as experienced by the consumer: How can it go wrong?
    • The value operators are currently capturing from IoT
    • Addressing customer challenges to allow services to build more value
  • 10:30 am
  • 11:00 am
    INDUSTRY INSIGHT: Tools and Use Cases for IoE Monetization
    Rajshree Char,
    Principal Architect, Ericsson
    Elaine Haher,
    Customer Technology Architect , IT and Cloud, Ericsson
    Download presentation
    • What is a monetization model?
    • Describe the characteristics of the monetization model
    • How to utilize the monetization template and diagram to develop revenue models and streams
    • Use cases to illustrate the monetization template and patterns
  • 11:20 am
    CASE STUDY: Monetizing Innovation and Predictability – The Industrial IoE Business Case
    Coen Jeukens,
    Director Global Customer Transformation at ServiceMax, GE Digital
    Download presentation
    • Moving from M2M to the real smart manufacturing – from sensors & data to platforms and analytics
    • How to integrate connected technology solutions in legacy plants – investment needs, priorities and ROI
    • How will workforce skills and requirements change as we move towards a more digitized and connected environment?
    • Where is monetization coming from? - from predicted maintenance to automation, robotics and machine learning
    • Real life illustration of industrial IoE monetization in action
  • 11:40 am
    CASE STUDY & INDUSTRY INSIGHT: Monetizing the Smart Society End-To-End – Looking at where the Value lies and Pricing Models
    Kees van der Klauw,
    Chairman of the Innovation Ecosystems Working Group, Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI),
    SVP, Philips Lighting Research
    Manfred Dasselaar,
    Innovation Program Manager Services & Analytics, Philips Lighting Research
    Download presentation
    • Changing attitudes towards innovation and justifying investment in an as-yet abstract, uncertain environment – who dares, wins!
    • Dissecting the IoE ecosystem of stakeholders - What can be monetized, by who and at what stages?
    • Examining the “servicization” model – Devising the right pricing strategy wherever you stand in the digital ecosystem
    • Real life examples of connected services and the value created
  • 12:05 pm
    CASE STUDY: Delivering IoE Solutions to the Complex Indian Market
    Jürgen Hase,
    CEO, Unlimit - Powered by Reliance
    Download presentation
    • The business case – why Reliance built an IoT company
    • Building the platform, on boarding partners and getting to work
    • Devising a pricing strategy and effectively monetizing IoE
    • Achievements so far, struggles along the way and what’s coming up
  • 12:30 pm
  • 1:30 pm
    PANEL: The Value of Trust in a Hyper-Connected Context
    Nigel Pugh,
    CEO, IMONT Technologies Ltd.
    Rob van den Dam,
    Global Telecommunications Industry Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value
    Boris Maurer,
    Managing Director, Accenture
    Paul Bradley,
    Head of 5G Strategy & Partnerships, Gemalto
    David Vasquez,
    Director of International IoT Business Development, Verizon International
    • Linking security, privacy and trust and gauging the value of these in the IoE marketplace
    • To what extent are security and privacy concerns hindering the development of IoE?
    • Gaining trust in a widespread realm of connected devices, objects, people and enterprises
    • How does the CSP’s position in the ecosystem make it well-placed to garner trust from the IoE consumer?
    • Achieving security through agile operations, AI, machine learning and robotics to keep up with constantly evolving threats
    • The competitive differentiator - exploring potential business models for monetizing privacy
  • 2:10 pm
    EXPERT INSIGHT AND CASE STUDY: Orchestrating Trust across Partnerships in an IoE Context
    Nicolas Windpassinger,
    Global Partner Program VP, Schneider Electric
    Mike Austin,
    Director, Digital Industry Partners Global Partner Organization (GPO), Cisco Systems, Inc
    • Addressing the challenges of digitization
    • Trusting partners by focusing on individual expertise to deliver an end product/service
    • How does the end-user perceive trust in the IoE context without necessarily being aware of all the partners involved?
    • Orchestrating alliances and sharing responsibility between stakeholders
  • 2:35 pm
    FIRESIDE CHAT: Getting Up-Close and Personal with GDPR
    Dr. Baljit Sarpal,
    MD Sarpal Consultancy, Sarpal Consultancy,
    Former-EU GDPR Programme Delivery Lead, BT
    Zoran Gligorevic,
    Senior Data Architect, Liberty Global
    Download presentation
    • Quick overview of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • How will these new regulations impact companies both within and beyond the EU?
    • Will the GDPR suffice to establish a robust trust model, or is more needed?
    • Opportunities to create value through innovative, beyond-GDPR services
    • Best practices and initiatives in data ownership and use
    • Will the GDPR be able to keep up with the rapidly changing digital economy?
  • 3:00 pm
  • 3:30 pm
    PANEL: The role of Blockchain and Smart Contracts in IoE Growth
    Assaf Ben Or,
    Co-Founder & CEO, SolarChange
    Jon Matonis,
    Founding Director, Bitcoin Foundation,
    VP Corporate Strategy, nChain
    Mirko Gramatke,
    Strategy Director, Monitor Deloitte
    Alpesh Doshi,
    CEO, Fintricity
    Alexandra Mikityuk,
    Lead Blockchain Architect, Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories
    • Considering public vs. private blockchain
    • What are the current obstacles to adoption?
    • How can blockchain technology be used to generate revenue?
    • Examining results achieved so far by using blockchain to secure and monetize digital transactions
    • Should editing capabilities be introduced to blockchain? When might this be useful?
  • 4:15 pm
    ROUNDTABLE EXERCISE: Blockchain to Enable Trust and Monetization Across The IoE Landscape
    Daniel Heinen,
    Management Consultant, Supply Chain and Transformation, Capgemini
    Ole Borgers,
    Management Consultant, Supply Chain and Transformation, Capgemini Consulting
    Download presentation

    Delegates will be seated at round tables and will discuss various points inspired by the topic of Blockchain as an enabler of Trust and Monetisation across the IoE landscape and complex digital ecosystems. Each table will discuss the same points, but outcomes will vary depending on the mix of individuals' experience and insight. Each table will select a spokesperson to provide the feedback to the broader group and conclusions will be collated. This is a highly interactive session where all thoughts and ideas are valuable to create synergy so get those thinking caps on and don't be shy!

    Session led by: Daniel Heinen and Ole Borgers, both from Capgemini

  • 5:15 pm
    Monetizing IoE InFocus Conclusion and Wrap Up