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Spotlight Sessions

The Must-Attend Event for IoE Monetization, Management & Trust

This October, we’ve set up two days packed with valuable insights and experiences from thought-leading expert speakers from companies including Verizon, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, GE Digital, Bosch and Philips. Plus you’ll have the chance to dive into interactive roundtable discussions and brainstorm with a room full of innovators and digital market movers and shakers.

Check out some of our recommended sessions below and view the full agenda:


Panel: Enabling and driving innovation through high-value collaboration and partnerships

  • Engaging connectivity providers, innovators and industry verticals in the digital arena and drawing success for all partners
  • Why is open collaboration essential to IoE development, and what are the main challenges?
  • How can the right partnerships push IoE beyond cost savings into real monetization opportunities?
  • Considering when to partner with start-ups and innovators, and when to invest/acquire 
  • Examining the vital role of platforms and open APIs in driving and enabling collaboration and innovation 

Panel: Examining the platform business opportunity and how to grasp it

  • What is required technically of a high-performing IoE platform of the future?
  • How to create, manage, maintain and evolve the platform to cater to changing needs and deliver the right capabilities
  • The role of APIs in this
  • Establishing where the value lies, then setting up appropriate pricing models
  • What do emerging IoE service providers need and want; what can current platform providers offer and what more is needed?

Case Study & Industry Insight: From pipe to platform – business strategy or market requisite?

  • Considering market evolution, what are the stakes in transforming the CSP’s business strategy?
  • Capitalizing on existing and emerging physical and digital infrastructure for enhanced revenue opportunities
  • The puzzle to effectively monetizing the platform and the data generated
  • Open APIs – the key to enabling simple onboarding of partners
  • Building a platform to cater to all stakeholders and users: customers, suppliers, partners, developers

Case Study: Smart cities – as a platform, the ultimate ecosystem of ecosystems

  • Exploring the “City as a Platform” concept
  • Effective models, platforms and policies to drive value for all stakeholders involved in delivering the smart city
  • The importance of and open platform and open APIs in enabling an ecosystem of ecosystems
  • Creating a European smart city platform with the Cities of Nice and Gothenburg


Panel: The value of Trust in a hyper-connected context

  • Linking security, privacy and trust and gauging the value of these in the IoE marketplace
  • To what extent are security and privacy concerns hindering the development of IoE?
  • Gaining trust in a widespread realm of connected devices, objects, people and enterprises
  • How does the CSP’s position in the ecosystem make it well-placed to garner trust from the IoE consumer?
  • Achieving security through agile operations, AI, machine learning and robotics to keep up with constantly evolving threats
  • The competitive differentiator – exploring potential business models for monetizing privacy