The Internet of Everything has almost limitless potential in enriching our lives with a world of yet to be invented applications. But whilst the opportunity exists there’s plenty of hype still surrounding IoE and a lack of understanding of how to generate revenue from it.

At TM Forum we firmly believe there are three key capabilities that enable IoE and digital business success: Monetization, Management, and Trust (MMT). This becomes key when addressing the challenge of scaling solutions or the complexities of managing risk and reward across an ecosystem.

At Internet of Everything InFocus 2017 you’ll experience two intensive and rewarding days of thought-leadership presentations plus interactive and highly collaborative workshops on the crucial topics making up Monetization, Management and Trust: Innovating through partnerships, sharing risk and reward across a complex ecosystem of stakeholders, transforming your business model and systems to grasp the IoE opportunity, how to leverage digital platforms and APIs to generate revenue from new services, the vitality of trust in this new digital, connected economy and exploring new technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts to facilitate business success.

Industry-neutral and business-focused, this event is deeply routed in pragmatic, real-world advice on the steps you can take to ensure success in your IoE initiatives. We’ll bring together the whole ecosystem of stakeholders facing the same challenges of monetizing innovative services, managing the complex web of partners needed to deliver these services, and install trust across these stakeholder and in the end-users they serve. Plenty to discuss so join in the conversation!

What makes Internet of Everything InFocus different to the other IoE events? from TM Forum on Vimeo.

About the TM Forum IoE & Digital Business Program

TM Forum has established itself as a respected industry association and actor in the IoE space with a thriving online community with more than 36,000 members and on-going IoE & Digital Business collaboration projects with industry-leading company representatives. Members have also successfully delivered over a dozen IoE-based proof-of-concept Catalyst Projects creating tangible results and assets accessible to all Forum members. TM Forum’s online publication, Inform, has also published a wide range of highly-valued articles and reports on how to navigate the member-identified IoE Roadmap of Challenges, map and manage complex digital ecosystems and address market intricacies. Learn more.

Join us this October in Amsterdam for this must-attend conference on Monetizing the Internet of Everything.